EWE-X Consultancy

EWE-X provide a friendly and progressive approach to website design and integrations. Always ensuring the key focus is the enduser and their ability to access the services provided.

Why choose EWE-X?

20 years of experience dealing with software system.

  • B2B web applications
  • B2C web applications
  • E-commerce
  • Card providors
  • Recognition and Incentive platforms
  • PunchOut catalogues
  • Coupa integration

Key Expertise

The following are areas the EWE-X can assist your company

UX - User Experience

Putting the user first since 2001

Business Acumen

Specialists in understanding company needs and defining what is required to make their platforms a success.

Technical Project Management

Experienced Project managment, dealing with in-house, near shore and off shore development teams

Business Analyst

Business Analyst for projects with many of the FTSE 100 companies

Experienced Product Owner

Understanding Vision, Roadmap and defining short and longterm goals.

Target your audience

With a background in process and Market Research before technology EWE-X have a great understanding of how to focus your business applications for the greatest impact

Easy to work with

You will find EWE-X extremely easy to work with. Quickly identifying business needs and providing clear information on what is required.
James and his team at EWE-X always seem to provide a simple and straightforward solution for a complex problem. How he can create simplicity for users is sometimes hard to believe. But to the user it seems like that natural thing to do. 


James Ewart and the EWE-X team are available for consultation.

Please get in touch to find out out how EWE-X can improve your business.